You’re crazy my kid – you have to go to Berlin!

Well then we look forward to you! Because one of our 4 LINDEMANN HOTELS® will surely be the right thing for you! Would you like to go to Mitte, Tiergarten, Schöneberg or Steglitz? Just look around here and then find your suitable hotel!


Berlin Mitte | Berlin Tiergarten | Berlin Schöneberg | Berlin Steglitz | coming soon...
Where should your journey go?

CALMA Berlin Mitte

Linienstraße 139-140 | 10115 Berlin Mitte
calm. berlin. mitte.

fjord hotel berlin

Bissingzeile 13 | 10785 Berlin Tiergarten
close to potsdamer platz


Potsdamer Straße 171-173 | 10783 Berlin Schöneberg
berlin city style = berlin schöneberg

Anna 1908

Büsingstraße 1 | 12161 Berlin Steglitz
shopping. sightseeing. steglitz.

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This is your Berlin

Here a bit noisy, there totally quiet, urbanised at this point, huge park landscapes next to it, in the one district nothing but typical Berliners, in the other district the colourful multicultural Berlin, in some places charmingly grungy and in parts stylish and elegant… Berlin is the city of extreme contrasts and we love our metropolis the way it is.

We show you how and where we go partying, where we go out to eat, which sights and attractions should belong on your to-do list, which big events take place, we inform you about fairs and sport events, show you the current shows, theatre performances and concerts and of course, we take you through our individual districts, show you our beautiful buildings, street parties, festivals and so much more…

We take you on a journey through Berlin! Are you in?