A small path connects the fjord hotel berlin with the street Am Karlsbad. If you cross the adjoining park you have come already almost on the Potsdamer Platz.

A short and narrow street that runs parallel to Schöneberger Ufer is called Am Karlsbad. Its somewhat unusual name harks back to a merchant from Karlsbad in Bohemia who opened a bathhouse directly placed at the Landwehr Canal in 1800. The merchant worshiped the Prince of Prussia. Therefore he wanted to name the street along the bathhouse after him. 1828 he was finally allowed to name the street “Auf dem Carlsbade”. Now, after various changes of this name, the street is called since 1920 consistently in Am Karlsbad. The bathhouse does not exists anymore. But the park is still present and damps the traffic noise of the busy Schöneberger Ufer.

Blick ins Zimmer fjord hotel berlin

The street Am Karlsbad is adorned by magnificent old buildings that could not be more beautiful and ornate. However, there are also several new buildings that form with their glassy facades and smooth surfaces a cool contrast to the historic buildings. Offices and apartment buildings string together harmoniously.

On your way to the Potsdamer Platz you can perfectly abbreviate! From our fjord hotel berlin a small path brings you to the street Am Karlsbad. Then you just have to cross the adjacent park and to walk over the bridge at the Landwehr Canal. So you will arrive at Potsdamer Platz in less than 10 minutes and don´t have to walk along the noisy and busy street Potsdamer Straße. An optimal shortcut, right?




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Potsdamer Platz

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