The Aquarium Berlin is part of the Berlin Zoo but can also be visited separately.

Do you love marine animals, reptiles, amphibians and insects? Then you should definitely visit the Aquarium Berlin. It is located on the grounds of the Berlin Zoo, but it also has a separate entrance. Thus, you can decide if you want to visit the Zoo and the Aquarium together, or rather just one of the two.

The Aquarium Berlin is the largest public aquarium in Europe and even one of the most species-rich and most modern in the world. It shows you four floors with approximately 13,000 animals in more than 1,000 species. Here you can get to know the animals closer in different ways.

Have you ever touched a Japanese koi carp? In Aquarium Berlin, there is a petting tank full of koi carps. Do not be afraid, they will not bite you.

In a show feeding, you can dive with the marine animals without getting wet. Watch the sharks, rays, morays and many fish while they are fed.

Over a wooden bridge in the tropical Crocodile Hall, you can watch crocodiles, turtles and caimans. Maybe even one of the many free flying colourful butterflies will land on your shoulder. That would be great!

Aquarium by night

Elefantentor im Zoo Berlin

And for those of you who want to try something completely different, there is since autumn of 2015 a tour with electric torches. At dusk or in the late evening, many of the animal inhabitants awake from their sleep and come out of their caves and nests, where they spend the day hidden. Therefore, in this tour, you can discover animals that the visitors during the day cannot see. Watch the big catfish and the agile morays while smoothly swimming laps, regard the snakes while hunting and be a witness of the nocturnal scurrying of the scorpions. When the aquarium has already closed, the tour starts. If you could like this kind of tour, then you should buy a ticket for 20 € and let the tour get started!

From the Anna 1908 you are with the underground line U9 in about 20 minutes at the Berlin Zoo station. From there it is not far to the Aquarium Berlin. We wish you a lot of fun!

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