Then a Barn Quarter…

The Scheunenviertel, or Barn Quarter Berlin is known for its history and diverse ways in which you can explore & experience Berlin.
Originally the barns were part of the city. They were near the former cattle market at today´s Alexanderplatz. But because of the high fire danger posed by the barns, the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm resolved in 1670 that the barns were to build outside of Berlin. Thus, the Barn Quarter was built outside the city walls. Later, Friedrich Wilhelm I. ordered the Berlin Jews that they need to move into the Barn Quarter. There, the “Jewish Quarter” was built with kosher food shops, synagogues and Jewish Cemeteries. Today this area is very popular among Berliners and tourists.

Today a Berlin “Kiez”

Spritziger Cocktail in Berlin

Later, the barns were torn down and built up the area. Today, the area between Friedrichstraße and Alexanderplatz, which is bounded in the north by Linienstraße respectively Torstraße and in the south of the River Spree, is known as the Barn Quarter.
However, correct is the area around the Rosenthaler Straße. But no matter exactly where you draw the boundaries, the fact is that is a place full of history, which will not only be regarded b as trendy area and promenade with its bars, restaurants, art and culture. Jewish history is there within reach and if you like an exciting combination of culture, history and city stroll, then you should take part in a guided tour through the old Berlin. You can book the tour here.

After exploring the Barn Quarter and eating at one of the many fine restaurants, or after clubbing and pub-crawling, it is only a few minutes´ walk back to the hotel CALMA Berlin Mitte.

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Friedrichstrasse Berlin

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