The Berliner Ensemble

If you want to experience culture in Berlin, classical theater and magnificent atmosphere, our LINDEMANN HOTELS® are the ideal place to start from there. Because just in 10 minutes walking distance from our hotel you can reach a significant historical and beautiful place -the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm, which includes the Berliner Ensemble. There you can enjoy the evening with a classic play of contemporary German literature.

Blick ins Zimmer mit Bett und Couch Calma Berlin MitteIn 1949 the Berliner Ensemble was founded by none other than Berthold Brecht. He set the path, and till today nobody deviated from this. Success has proved him right! Later, the Berliner Ensemble moved from Deutschen Theater into Theater am Schiffbauerdamm. There it has remained till today and belongs to the leading German-language stages. The theatre, built in 1892, is considered the most splendid theatre building of Berlin and is definitely worth a visit. Meanwhile, it was directed by Max Reinhardt who later also directed the Friedrichstadt-Palast. This is only a stone´s throw away and offers -if you like- a show, you´ll never forget!


…the Berliner Ensemble should be the first port of call for lovers of classical theatre. There are shown productions from Goethe, Kleist, Schiller and Lessing over Büchner up to Shakespeare and of course, in Brecht´s honour his literary works themselves. The team focuses on the classical, political staging, orientated primarily on the literary poetry and is only secondly interested in a modern implementation. This mixture of classic and modern makes the Berliner Ensemble to what it is

From up to 15 different productions you can choose per month, which are performed on the main stage. But also readings by famous writers and authors as well as song recitals and otherwise productions can be admired on the smaller stages (called “Pavillon”, “Gartenhaus”, “Foyer” and “Probebühne”). There is something for everyone and if you are a friend of theatre you will be surely under its spell!

After the Show you might want to sleep in the close by CALMA Berlin Mitte.

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Friedrichstrasse Berlin
Deutsches Theater Berlin

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