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The boys with the certain something

Berliner Landjungs

LINDEMANN HOTELS® & berliner landjungs

One of the berliner landjungs has long been a good acquaintance.
Alexander Wynands already equipped our CALMA Berlin Mitte with photos.

The landjungs from Berlin

Furniture and accessories with personality and history are the hobby of these living and furnishing professionals.
We especially like the milk jug lamps.

The joint project Anna 1908

The character of Anna 1908, characterised by the special details,
the furniture and accessories, we owe to the berliner landjungs.

These are the landjungs

The berliner landjungs made it beautiful in the Anna 1908. The special details, such as the milk jugs, pillows, tables and chairs, actually everything that makes up the character of the house, have chosen the guys.

For some time we know Alexander Wynands of through the cooperation in our CALMA Berlin Mitte. There he provided us with Berlin photos. And this Alexander sells furniture and accessories through the berliner landjungs. For the major reconstruction of our Anna 1908, we could benefit from this previous cooperation.

Personal contact and short lines of communication, made it easy to create and implement a common design concept for 46 rooms. The style advice referred as desired greatly to the property and so the character of Anna 1908 was established.- Lars Lindemann, CEO

According to our request, the style consultation referred to the pretty old villa and so the character of Anna 1908 was born.

The landjungs from Berlin

Furniture and accessories with personality and history are the hobby of these house decor and furnishing professionals. Individually one can choose from treasures of Germany’s attics and Europe’s flea markets. We especially loved the milk can lamps and the cushions made of old linen and so you can find these in addition to many other details in our Anna 1908.

Particularly helpful for us was the showroom, where we could tell all our ideas and touch the lovingly selected unique items. In this way, a talk with the berliner landjungs can create an image that only needs to be implemented. As a result of this cooperation, you can feel at home.

Alex & Arne

The new one: Anna 1908

For more than 100 years, Anna 1908 has been a home for families, Berliners and visitors who want to see their family or this wonderful city. The eventful history of Berlin has gone almost without a trace past the small town villa and thus it still shines splendidly with its lavish decorations on the façade.

And also from the inside, it fascinates with high ceilings and large double doors to the balconies. Since 1992, the beautiful old building serves as a hotel and is accordingly remained in good nick. Of course, we replaced the floors, renewed the paint on the walls and finally replaced the entire furnishings. But we did all this to bring out the charm and character of Anna 1908 even more and make it especially nice for you as our guest.

The berliner landjungs went with us this way and together we have achieved a great result. Thank you guys!



Alex & Arne:

Welcome to the Berlin Land.

Our furniture and accessories are as individual as you are. Historic individual pieces with personality that can be described as sustainably produced with a clear conscience. Carefully reworked or remodelled from decades-old finds in an authentic vintage look, dreamy country house style or timeless Scandinavian design.