The building of the Berliner Philharmonie is not standard! If you go there for a concert, you will see what I mean. Inside, a spectacular concert hall has been built, as it was unique at the grand opening in 1963. The stage for the orchestra, the chorus, the singers and the conductor is in the midst of the audience. Therefore, you sit around the orchestra and have the possibility to keep a sharp eye on the musicians and artists. The separation between artist and audience is neutralised and you can receive a sound experience that you had before.

Dachterrasse von Unserem Lieblingsplatz im fjord hotel berlin der LINDEMANN HOTELS®

2.250 music lovers can have a seat in the Berliner Philharmonie. The usual structure of the rows of spectators was broken by a staggered terrace arrangement. Thus, intimate and asymmetrical viewers blocks for 75 to 100 people were created that make this large room cozier and more personal.

The Kulturforum

The Kulturforum in Berlin Tiergarten offers you art and culture in the direct vicinity of Potsdamer Platz. You will find museums, concert halls, libraries and institutes, and you are in the midst of a cultural highlight of our beloved city. In the Kulturforum are various facilities that you should necessarily visit. The architectural design of this area is not to be overlooked and not just the Neue Nationalgalerie, with its large, light-filled glass structure, but also -or especially- the golden spectacular and somewhat peculiar construction of the Berliner Philharmonie and the Kammermusiksaal (Chamber Music Hall) you will notice!

If you have tickets for a concert of the orchestra Berliner Philharmoniker, a stay at the hotel fjord hotel berlin is ideally suitable. From our hotel, you walk 10 minutes to the Berliner Philharmonie, or you take a taxi to the concert hall, which takes only 3 minutes (and is recommended for high shoes).

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