The Boulevard Berlin…

…is the fourth and newest shopping mall in the Schloßstraße in Berlin Steglitz. The architecturally sophisticated building is not just a typical shopping colossus, but has been deliberately integrated into the surrounding. For example, the adjacent Harry-Bresslau-Park was connected to the centre, so the gastronomic establishments are able to use this space outside in the fresh air far away from the busy Schloßstraße.
Furthermore, the old facade of Wertheim was integrated in the building, so a unit between old and new originated. Additionally, the shopping is especially enjoyable, because with the help of a glass-roofed pedestrian, galleries, terraces and bridges a particularly bright and light-flooded interior concept was formed.

Boulevard Einkaufszentrum Berlin

As the Boulevard Berlin was opened in April 2012, it was the 64th shopping centre of Berlin. Meanwhile, it is along with the Mall of Berlin in the Leipziger Straße, the second largest in the city. Approximately 120 shops spread over four floors waiting for you and offer a very special shopping experience. In addition to fashion shops of famous brands and chains, you find here also shops for accessories, technics, jewellery, shoes, perfume, services like hairdressers and of course, the obligatory food court.

In the basement, you reach directly to the underground station Schloßstraße so you are absolutely adaptable therefore in your planning. And on Schloßstraße, four bus routes go directly in front of the main entrance. Two of them, the M48 and the M85 also go directly to our hotel LINDEMANN’S and to our fjord hotel berlin. So you are also from these two hotels quick and easy in the shopping mile Schloßstraße. Certainly, it is even easier to go on foot to the hotel, because our Anna 1908 is just 500 metres from the Boulevard Berlin.

Now, nothing gets in the way for your shopping trip! We look forward to you!

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