Anyone who travels to Berlin, has usually previously written a sightseeing to-do list. And what is in most of them among the top 3? I agree! The Brandenburg Gate.

The Brandenburg Gate impresses everyone with its huge size, its 200-year history and especially with its symbolic aura.
The Brandenburg Gate stood as a symbol of the division of Berlin into East and West Berlin until 1989. Since the fall of the Wall, the Brandenburg Gate is however a national symbol of freedom, peace and unity in Germany!

Built of sandstone former city gate at Pariser Platz forms the end of the boulevard Unter den Linden. Through the continuous settlement in Berlin and the concomitant increase in the city, Brandenburg Gate stands now in the center of Berlin and has no longer the role as gate.
That’s a benfit  to us Berliners and you. Because we all can pass beneath the Brandenburg Gate, look up at it onto the rich decorations. Cars, buses and taxis do not drive through the gate. It is reserved only for us pedestrians.

So it happens that we regularly celebrate huge partys here at the Brandenburg Gate, on the Pariser Platz and on the Straße des 17. and on the other side of the gate.  We love to share our Brandenburg Gate with everyone who wants to see it and invite all of you into our wonderful city!

always close to the attractions


Brandenburger Tor Berlin Bei NachtLuckily, our hotels are not far from the Brandenburg Gate.
I personally recommend you, however, to walk to the Brandenburg Gate if you can. It might not be directly around the corner, but a morning walk after a hearty breakfast does well for each of us. On your way you come past many beautiful places and sights, for example on the golden Berlin Philharmonic and the Potsdamer Platz with its Avenue of the Stars and the architecturally outstanding Sony Center. You continue past the oldest traffic lights of Berlin snd walk along Ebertstraße and the Tiergarten. Here stands the Holocaust Memorial with the well known concrete pillars. And after that you arrive at the Brandenburg Gate! The walk is really worth the effort!

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Fernsehturm Berlin hinter dem S-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz
Schlossstrasse in Berlin-Steglitz bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®

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