We love breakfast!

And that’s exactly why our breakfast buffet is made with an extra dose of love!

Each of our houses has its own little specialties that set it apart from the other LINDEMANN HOTELS®. And the presentation, the entire buffet design, the ambience is individual in each of our houses.

Frühstück bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS in Berlin

Freshness & variety!!

Equal rights for all!

It is important to us that each guest can enjoy the same freshness at all times. This means for us that we offer our breakfast buffet on small plates and in small bowls. Thus, we ensure that the buffet is always replenished and our treats are not long on the buffet before you select them for you.

We also want that every guest can enjoy the full breakfast buffet. That’s why our late risers will find the same large selection until the end of the breakfast time as our early risers at the beginning of the breakfast time.

06:30-11:00 am

for early risers and late risers

It doesn´t matter if you have to leave in the morning or sleep longer. With us, you can have breakfast between 06:30 and 11:00 am!

made with love

individual breakfast

Our 4 LINDEMANN HOTELS®all have their own charm, so each house offers a small variation of the breakfast buffet.

coffee specialities

really good coffee

We love coffee. You also? Great, all speciality coffees are included in the breakfast price and of course also available to take away!

pay less

book directly is worthwhile

On site breakfast costs 13.90€ per person. If you book it directly on our homepage in advance, then you can feast for 12.50€!

Coffee, coffee, coffee…

and of course tea, tea, tea…

There’s nothing better than a really good cup of coffee in the morning. And with us, you even get really tasty coffee. And that’s all included in the price. What would you like?

Would you like aromatic filter coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, white coffee, espresso, double espresso, cafe crème or espresso macchiato? You can even order your coffee with hazelnut, vanilla, amaretto or caramel flavour. Mega delicious!

But of course, the tea lovers are not forgotten! On the buffet, you will find a samovar with hot water and a large selection of tea varieties. Which tea should it be today?

Regional, homemade, vegan, etc. etc…

We only want to offer you flawless products and we like to know where our food comes from. That’s why we work with local suppliers and producers, so we always have a good sense of the quality of our food used.

In addition, we do as much as we can ourselves, the reason why our small salads and spreads are so popular.

Of course, we also take care of intolerances or wishes and offer on the breakfast buffet vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free products. If you are not sure, then just ask our service team, they will gladly help you.

Our breakfast offer for you!

We love breakfast

Consisting of your overnight stay including breakfast per person for 10.90€ (instead of 13.90€)!
You can cancel free of charge until 06:00 pm on the day of arrival (selected days are excluded) and guarantee your booking with a credit card also for arrivals after 06:00 pm.

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