At the Grunewald in Berlin, the Brücke-Museum showcases the collected works of the members of the German expressionist artist group “Brücke”. From Anna 1908 you get there without changing lines.
In 1905, four students of architecture in Dresden founded the artist group “Brücke” (“Bridge”). They wanted to break the rigid existing rules with their art to build a bridge between the traditional and the new. They had a significant influence on the progress of classical modernism and created an artistic style, which is known under the name of Expressionism.

Over the years, some people joined the group of the four founding members. Indeed, the artist group disbanded in 1913, however, till that point they created thousands of art works that you can now marvel at the Brücke-Museum in Berlin.

Teufelsberg mit Radarstation in Berlin bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®The Brücke-Museum stands on the edge of the Grunewald, not far from the Teufelsberg. The building, with its clean lines and its Bungalow-character does not visually fits in the green and wooded surrounding. However, it is the most appropriate place for the museum. Because the members of the artist group all lived temporarily in Berlin, created their works here and loved to be in nature. That is why the museum was built in 1967 at this location.

Regularly changing exhibitions of paintings, statues, carvings and watercolours of the individual members await you there. They bequeathed their works to the Brücke-Museum, which is why all artists are represented in the Brücke Museum with their art.

So if you are interested in expressionistic art and if you do not mind a half-hour bus ride with the bus line 186 from the Anna 1908 in Berlin, then you can expect wonderful works of very special artists in the Brücke-Museum.

After a visit to the museum, you can take a stroll in the quiet and large Grunewald before you return to the hotel or to the centre of Berlin. Let us see what the day or night has to offer, right?

verschwommene U-Bahn im U-Bahnhof Berlin
Berliner Unterwelten
Topographie des Terrors in Berlin bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®
Topography of Terror

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