The Checkpoint Charlie is one of the most famous sights of Berlin. From the hotel up to this historic site, it is not far. Come and check it out!
The Friedrichstraße by itself already has a lot to offer: the Friedrichstadt-Palast, many restaurants and bars and countless shops. However, there is more to come! Because in the Friedrichstraße stands the exact replica of the Checkpoint Charlie. Between 1961 and 1990 there was there the control point between the American and the Soviet Sector, nowadays it is one of the most famous sights of Berlin.

Schild am Checkpoint Charlie BerlinBut this historic place is not only a control hut with a few sandbags in front of it. It is much more symbol and monument of what once was. And if you look at the ground, then you can also see the mark of the former border strip.

Directly opposite of the Checkpoint Charlie is the corresponding museum, which exists since 1963. You can watch there exhibitions with a focus on human rights. For the operators of the museum is it very important to show that there exist many current crises around the world, which also deserve closer attention, because (thankfully) the Berlin Wall does not exist anymore. However, the exhibition also deals with the life at the checkpoint and the situation at that time, of course. Therefore, you also see in the museum the original objects that were used in the flights from the GDR to West Germany, such as suitcases, a hot air balloon, getaway cars and mini-submarines. You will be surprised by the creativity of the people at that time.

Locally you can of course buy Russian fur caps, GDR-police caps and similar souvenirs. Also a photo with an American or Soviet guard is possible for a small fee. However, you can also invest your coins in a good cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake at the nearby Gendarmenmarkt, which might be a better idea, I think. Since you are centrally located on Friedrichstraße at Checkpoint Charlie, you can start a sightseeing walk from there. The Gendarmenmarkt in autumn has its own unique charm and cafes keep warm blankets for you available at their outdoor tables, so you can enjoy your coffee in the autumn sun. Even the Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate) is not far and is definitely worth a visit.

Back at the hotel, you can collect your strength for the nearby clubs, bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy the evening
We wish you much fun while exploring our beloved capital!

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