In the monumental building in Kleistpark in Berlin Schöneberg sits the highest court of Berlin. The Highest Regional Court bears the name Kammergericht (Court of Appeal), as it emerged from the court of the Brandenburg elector. However, it has been a few centuries. Nowadays, several legal institutions have their administrative centre inside that building.

Criminal and civil matters are negotiated such as political crimes, appeals, revisions, complaints and alimony matters. Furthermore, the 144 judges of the Court of Appeal also entitled to repeal judgments and decisions of other courts.

Built in 1909, the building is so beautiful and you should definitely take a walk through the park to have a look at it. The Court of Appeal was built in neo-baroque style and has three parallel wings, which are connected by side wings. From the main entrance in the Elßholzstraße, you pass through a fascinating double-barrelled stairway inside the building. The entrance hall was intentionally designed that marvellous, so the visitor is aware of the magnificence of the law.

The historic Plenarsaal (Plenary Hall) can be visited every 1st Thursday of the month from 3:30-5:30 pm without advance notification, it opens its doors to the public and is definitely worth a visit!

Bar und Lobby vom Hotel LINDEMANN´S Berlin

If you would prefer to take a guided tour of the building Kammergericht Berlin to see the impressive entrance hall and the historic Plenarsaal more detailed, then you can book a guided tour here!

Overnight stay

Almost opposite of Kleistpark is our hotel LINDEMANN’S to find, that with its straight interior design is a contrast to the neo-baroque Court of Appeal you have seen and will surely convince you with its clarity and stylistically consistent furnishing.

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