Kleist, Shakespeare, Brecht…,

…Schiller, Wedekind, Goethe… Does your heart beat faster when you hear this names or read them here? Then you should definitely visit the Deutsches Theater. It is one of the most important straight theatres in the German-speaking world and offers a wide range of theatrical productions, not only for fans of classic or modern classic stagings. These plays are staged in the Großes Haus (the Great Hall), which can accommodate up to 600 persons.

Classic and Contemporary

If you are rather in the mood for contemporary or modern dramatic art, then you should get tickets for the Kammerspiele (The Intimate Theatre). This is the name of the outbuilding of the Deutsches Theater and houses the second theatre stage, which seats 230 persons. In the foyer of the Kammerspiele, you´ll find then the third stage. In the somewhat special and unconventional Box, contemporary productions are presented in a modern form of expression. 100 years after the opening of the Kammerspiele, the Box was built in 2006 and it offers 80 people a theatre experience of a different kind.

Zimmer Hotel Calma Berlin Mitte XS

The 1850 opened Deutsches Theater in Berlin with its neo-classical facade not only looks wonderful and majestic. Out of the extensive repertoire you can choose what you prefer and experience an unforgettable evening. Not without reason, the Deutsches Theater in 2005 and 2008 was elected to the “Theatre of the Year”. From 1949-1954, the Deutsches Theater housed the Berthold Brecht´s Berliner Ensemble which is now located at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm just a stone’s throw away.

The paths from the CALMA Berlin Mitte to the Deutsches Theater are insignificant short and even to the Berliner Ensemble, it is not a long way. Now you just have to decide to which theatre you first start out from our hotel to experience an unforgettable theatrical event in Berlin when it´s time again for: Rise the Curtain and Stage Free!

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Museumsinsel mit Bode-Museum in Berlin bei den
Bode Museum
Spekakuläre Froschperspektive vom Tempodrom Berlin

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