We are still looking for new suitable properties for our LINDEMANN HOTELS®. We make sure that the hotel is really unique and that it complements our portfolio with added value. Individual houses with their own charm and characterare what sets us apart and what our guests appreciate about our small “hotel chain”. That our 4 hotels belong together cannot be seen at first glance and that’s exactly how it should be. Each hotel has its own story, a special line and stands for itself as a product.

We are interested in long-term partnerships that will successfully establish themselves on the Berlin hotel market in a future-oriented manner. This creates security for our team, our business partners and the entire company.

berlinkarte 4 lindemann hotels

Hard Facts

existing property or new building

from approx. 2.000 m² usable area or from 60 room units

fixed contract period, preferably 20 years with an option to extend (2 x 5 years)

Location in Berlin


Lars Lindemann