The 1908-1910 built Gasometer in Berlin Schöneberg is one of the most distinctive construction in the south of Berlin.

The conspiciuous steel monument with a hight of 78 meters was taken in operation in 1913. The gas holder had a capicity of approx. 160.000 m³. This supplied all the berlin households and street lanterns with gas.

1995 was the last year of of operation of the telescope gas holder. Just one year earlier it was put under preservation order among some other buildings in this industrial area.

Zimmer Family & Friends im Lindemann´s Berlin


 A specifically erected event-dome in the middle of the Gasometer started holding events on the 24. of January 2011.  Since then the buildings are used for tv- shows, music videos, meetings or lectures from the TU- Campus EUREF. You want to participate in one of these or other events? Then maybe on of our LINDEMANN Hotels might be the right choice for you. Particularly the LINDEMANN’S Hotel on Potsdamerstraße is only 1,6km away. That’s barely 10min by car and 15min with the public transport.
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Molecule Man auf der Spree bei Sonnenuntergang mit Berliner Skyline
Arena Berlin
Friedrichstadt-Palast bei Nacht in Berlin bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®

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Molecule Man auf der Spree bei Sonnenuntergang mit Berliner Skyline
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