The mere sight of the main entrance is spectacular. Because on the roof of the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin (German Museum of Technology) floats a huge aircraft. Three cranes and 13 hours were needed to bring the landmark of the German Museum of Technology in its position.

Flugzeug auf dem Dach vom Technikmuseum in Berlin bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®

Also in the museum, it is no less exciting. Since 1983, here you can see locomotives, steam engines, film cameras, tools, planes, cars, trains and actually everything that rotates and moves.
There is a permanent exhibition on the development of the aerospace in the 20th century and you can even visit a glass plane.
If you are also interested in shipping, then 10,000 years of maritime history and a 33-metre long barge from 1840 wait to be discovered by you.

The German Museum of Technology has also a lot to offer regarding rail and road transport. For example, you can watch 40 rail vehicles in the original on 33 rails. Even 20 horse-drawn carriages, 400 bicycles, 200 motorcycles and nearly 200 vehicles from the respective eras can be seen here in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin.

If you visit the museum park, you can watch historical engine sheds as well as wind and water mills and a historic brewery.

The Spectrum

Ein Glas Tee zum Frühstück im fjord hotel berlinIn the Sience Center Spectrum are all the phenomena of physics to touch and feel. On the subject of “Light and Vision” you can play, for example in mirror kabinett with prospects and your own funny twisted mirror image. Optical illusions and colorful shadow casting lights on the ceiling draw visitors from experiment to experiment and make the visit incredibly entertaining.

When the “Music and Listen” Theme one creates sounds with your whole body or play tiny instruments with just one finger.

Also “Magnetism”, “Mechanics and Movement” or the topic “Heat” are prepared excitingly for kids and adults. You do not even notice how you casually learn new things. Also for preschoolers, this museum offers great impressions and interactive experiments! A family trip worthwhile!

You see, the German Museum of Technology in Berlin is really diverse and offers you a whole lot to discover and explore.

After a quiet night and a hearty and super delicious breakfast in fjord hotel berlin, you can just walk over to the German Museum of Technology. It is just a 15 minutes stroll from the hotel to the museum. There you can enjoy a great day in Berlin!


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