From 23.-25.05.2019…

…on the former Tempelhof Airport

From 23.-25.05.2019, the GreenTech Festival in Berlin takes place for the first time on the ground of the former Tempelhof Airport.
The festival brings together several components with the aim of drawing attention to green technologies, climate change and global challenges, and to make people more aware that we need to act.
The GreenTech Festival will cover many different areas, such as mobility, energy, science and research, as well as sustainability in lifestyle products and new food trends.

All under a single roof!

Gluehbirne mit einer Pflanze in der Mitte im Wald bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS® in Berlin

Norway has been at the forefront of environmental protection and climate change for a long time, which is why it will also be the partner country of this year’s festival in Berlin. Precisely for this reason, the Crown Prince Haakon of Norway himself will be present at the festival.

Here, start-ups and established companies, environmental activists and politicians, researchers and CEOs as well as the Crown Prince Haakon and average consumers meet to see the multi-faceted program. The three-day festival aims to bring both trade visitors and the general public together in one place and call for a new positive attitude on climate change, the environment and technology.

Green Leaders Conference &
Green Exhibition

In order to achieve this, several guests from various industries were invited to talk to visitors and other guests on the grounds of the former Tempelhof Airport. At the GREEN LEADERS CONFERENCE, forward thinkers and creators from around the world will discuss together how green technology can support our planet, what we already do and and further can do.

Flugzeug im Sonnenuntergang auf dem Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®

For example, Carsten Breitfeld (CEO of Byton) will present the e-car of the future, the Bytes On Wheels. Alejandro Agag, (CEO of the company Formula E Holdings) will also be present. On Saturday, 25.05.2019, the 10th race of this year’s E-Prix will take place in Berlin. And where? Exactly! On the grounds of Tempelhof Airport, directly at the venue of the GreenTech Festival.
Florian Reuter also does himself the honor of being present (CEO of Volocopter, one of the world’s leading companies for electric aircraft mobility), who will talk about the futuristic locomotion in the air. The mobility space in cities is becoming ever smaller to use the airspace to improve the mobility of humanity in an environmentally conscious and space-saving way, that is the goal of his company and will be the topic of his presentation.
In addition, Johan Ernst Nilson will attend the conference and talk about his experiences in environmental activism and his motivation to work for our planet and new ways to prevent advancing climate change.

Another program item of the festival is the GREENTECH EXHIBITION, the largest green technology fair to date.

Green Awards

Weltkarte bestehend aus Blättern von den LINDEMANN HOTELS® in Berlin

And, of course, something that should not be missing: the heart of the festival!
The highlight will be the presentation of the GREEN AWARDS.
Green projects should be promoted, networking should take place so that visionaries and forward thinkers can get together. The prizes are awarded to individuals as well as large companies.



The GreenTech Festival Berlin shows you, us and the world opportunities, visions, inspirations, technologies and innovations in business and science, and together we can find a way to protect and improve the world for our future. True to the festival motto #celebratechange

Start: 23.05.2019    End: 25.05.2019
For the first time, the GreenTech Festival takes place in Berlin this year and brings start-ups, large corporations as well as small and big visionaries to one location. On the former site of Tempelhof Airport, there will be an exhibition on green technology, an awards ceremony for green projects and a conference of thought leaders and creators, sharing their experiences, experiences and state of affairs, as well as the future prospects for our environment.
Former ground of Tempelhof Airport

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