Berlin has more than 2.500 public parks and recreation areas. Yes properly read. More than 2.500! There are big ones, like the Tempelhofer Feld or the Großer Tiergarten and there are smaller ones, like the Monbijoupark or the Harry-Bresslau-Park.

The long-time unnamed Harry-Bresslau-Park takes its name not too long. In 2008, it got its name. And then, in 2012, it was integrated in the construction of the Boulevard Berlin in the entire complex of this shopping centre.

Ein Park in Berlin im Herbst


Nevertheless, the in size only 1,8ha quite small Harry-Bresslau-Park offers plenty of opportunities to relax, play, to sit together or to do sports. For the little ones, there is a large playground that invites with a lot of sand and play equipment to rollick. And on the sprawling lawn, the big ones find easy a favourite place to relax, read and/or chat, to play table tennis, climb up the climbing wall, play street ball or to kick on the football ground.

The Harry-Bresslau-Park gives a bit back to the nature with its old stock of trees and the big lawn, in the heavily built-up area around the Schloßstraße in Berlin-Steglitz and attracts local residents, tourists and shoppers.

Our Anna 1908 is just a few minutes’ walk from Harry-Bresslau-Park. So, if you are in the mood for relaxing in the nature, then hit the road from the hotel to Harry-Bresslau-Park. In 6 minutes, you are there and you can lay in the sun. Have lots of fun with it!

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