The Foundation, headquartered in Berlin Mitte, exists since 1996/97 and was named after the writer and Nobel Prize laureate Heinrich Böll. The connection between the party-affiliated Heinrich- Böll- Foundation and its eponym is a shared commitment to the defence of freedom and civil courage, tolerance that does not shy away from conflict and the appreciation of art and culture as independent spheres of thought and action. Among other things, Heinrich Böll campaigned for this.

In 2008, the Heinrich- Böll- Foundation moved into the building in the Schumannstraße in Berlin Mitte opposite of the Deutsches Theater (the German Theatre) and has since been operating at this location. The Foundation’s work is based on the fundamental political values of ecology, democracy, solidarity, non-violence, and migration and gender democracy.

Heinrich Boell Stiftung BerlinThe Heinrich- Böll- Foundation cooperates with 16 regional Foundations in all federal states and promotes the development of a democratic civil society at home and abroad. In addition to the 16 regional Foundations, there are 30 foreign offices of the Foundation, which are represented on all continents. The focuses of work on projects abroad vary and orientate itself on the region and the current political situation. Basically, the focus is on climate and energy policy, the strengthening of civil society, on gender policy and the promotion of democracy, European politics, art and culture, as well as globalization and sustainable development.

Moreover, the Heinrich- Böll- Foundation offers a special scholarship for students. Students or prospective students may submit an application to the Foundation in order to receive a study grant of the Heinrich- Böll- Foundation.

So if you are a student or if you would like to apply for a scholarship, if you want to be politically active or want to work there, then come to Berlin for the office and have a look around. All our LINDEMANN Hotels are not far from the Foundation. In addition, if you are also a friend of theatre, nothing should be in the way of a visit to the Deutsches Theater! Interesting combination, but Berlin makes it possible!

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Häuserfront in Berlin mit Berliner Fernsehturm im Hintergrund
Berliner Ensemble
Nordbahnhof Berlin mit Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer
DB Nordbahnhof Carré

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