Our history


Opening of the fjord hotel berlin

It all began in 1993 when Emil Lindemann brought the fjord hotel berlin in Berlin-Tiergarten to life. The journey started with 57 rooms, a bar on the ground floor and a spacious breakfast room on the 7th floor above the roofs of Berlin.

Specializing in larger bus groups and corporate guests, the hotel soon became a permanent fixture on Potsdamer Platz and tourists also took a liking to the great location. Quietly located in a side street and yet within walking distance of the most important sights, it was completely convincing for everyone.


Hotel Alte Feuerwache (Old fire station)

Lars, Emil’s son, followed in his father’s footsteps in May 2000 and took over the Hotel Alte Feuerwache in Berlin-Lichtenberg. From now on, 26 rooms and a restaurant, which hosted many events and weddings, were the linchpin in Lars ‘life. Small fun fact … Even today, Lars still works with some of the colleagues from the team at that time. And why? Because this hotel was not enough.


Company formation

Lars had big plans and so he founded LINDEMANN HOTELS® in 2007.


The Black Pearl

It should be a new hotel, bigger, more modern, more Berlin! And so it came about that in August 2008 LINDEMANN’S was opened with 65 rooms in Berlin-Schöneberg. Completely rebuilt and refurbished, the hotel on Potsdamer Strasse shone in a fashionable mix of black and white with lilac accents. The black exterior facade and the coffee shop caused a sensation and LINDEMANN’S quickly established itself.


Establishment of the reservation center

For the now 3 existing hotels of the Lindemann family, a reservation center was needed. Founded by and with colleagues from the Lichtenberger Hotel, the central reservation of LINDEMANN HOTELS® was born. The sale of the rooms and the new structures brought fresh impetus and so in June 2009 the time had come to part with the hotel Alte Feuerwache in order to be able to concentrate fully on the fjord hotel berlin, the LINDEMANN‘S and other projects.


2010-2012 Renovation of the fjord hotel berlin

And so the fjord hotel berlin moved more into Lars‘ focus. Since 1993 a lot had changed in the hotel industry and in 2010 the time had come to bring the hotel back up to date in terms of style.

The breakfast room on the 7th floor gave way to 4 unique rooms, which since then have formed the heart of the hotel with their individual design and private roof terrace. The move of the breakfast room to the ground floor was initially a change for the regular guests, but from then on it was even nicer and more modern. Nobody had to miss the old breakfast room, as from now on guests could enjoy their morning coffee on the sun terrace adjacent to the breakfast room. At the same time, further renovations took place on the 6th floor, so that more rooms were created there.

The fjord hotel berlin grew and grew and grew from the original 57 rooms to 64.

For the next two years, LINDEMANN’S and fjord hotel berlin made LINDEMANN HOTELS® a serious company in the hotel industry, but standstill is nothing for Lars. So it came about that a new property was looked for. In the meantime, the remaining 5 floors of the fjord hotel berlin were also adapted to the new style, so that from 2012 it shone in a completely new light.


The CALMA Berlin Mitte

In fact, one day Lars noticed a hotel that he immediately fell in love with! The traditional Berlin building with the unusual architecture and the wonderful backyard location was already a hotel and thus offered the best conditions to become the new LINDEMANN HOTELS®. With a lot of strength, passion and a vision in mind, we redesigned the hotel according to our ideas after the takeover in December 2012 and named it CALMA Berlin Mitte.


Reconstruction of CALMA Berlin Mitte

The renovation took place in the spring of 2013, when the original 38 rooms, which did not correspond to Lars’ ideas at all, became 46 modern rooms, which in a discreet gray and white style perfectly matched the LINDEMANN HOTELS®. The result was, according to its name, an oasis of calm in hectic Berlin, in the middle of Mitte, and yet a retreat that is perfect for sleeping as well as for a short trip to the capital. Located in a bicycle street and right in the middle of the action, centrally connected to the underground, S-Bahn and tram … What more could you want? Lars and his team were at least extremely satisfied and so another chapter could be written in the history book of LINDEMANN HOTELS®.

Conversion of LINDEMANN’S

Before the renovation of the CALMA Berlin Mitte hotel began, there was another project on the agenda. The unused conference room on the 6th floor of LINDEMANN’S was converted into additional rooms. With the creation of the new rooms, the hotel grew to a total of 72 rooms.

Takeover of fjord hotel berlin

In 2013, after 20 years, it was time for the junior das fjord hotel berlin strong completely took over from the senior. From this point on, 3 hotels were already part of the LINDEMANN HOTELS®.


The 4th hotel

It shouldn’t be long before the fourth object caught Lars’ attention. An old city villa, a bit away from the direct center, was the object of desire. A hotel had already been in operation there since 1992 and so the best opportunities were again offered to create something new from the existing that would fit the company exactly. This house has soul, charm and above all history! In May 2015, the new house, initially with 38 rooms, joined the ranks of LINDEMANN HOTELS® under the existing name and in the old style.


Bude54 in SPO

But as much as Lars loves Berlin, his heart also beats for Sankt Peter-Ording. Regular vacations on the North Sea resulted in new friendships and finally a new idea: a hotel in Sankt Peter-Ording!

And so it did not take long until a wonderful cooperation between Uwe, the operator of the Strandbar 54 ° Nord, and the LINDEMANN HOTELS® emerged. The Hotel Bude54 on the North Sea coast opened in May 2016 with 20 rooms and a special design. An exciting time began and the colleagues brought the hotel to life with their Nordic charm.

Anna 1908

After the renovation work was completed in the summer of 2016, our hotel in Steglitz not only got 8 more rooms, but also had its very own rustic-modern character and, above all, finally a new name! Now the house had become one of ours for good. From the name, from the colleagues who work there and above all from the feeling … Our Anna 1908!


Complete conversion of LINDEMANN’S

Now some calm could return and the focus could be directed back to the existing houses. A lot of time had passed and a new style was needed. The LINDEMANN’S was completely overhauled in January 2017. The black slate bathrooms and the huge black slate bar in the lobby have been stripped of the dark natural stone and the white has been replaced by midnight blue. With exposed concrete and industrial design, the hotel got an urban style that couldn’t have been better. The dark colors, the high-quality new furniture and the precisely placed decorative and light elements form an interaction with the team that engages like gears! The new concept was taken just as well by the guests as by the colleagues and so our Black Pearl became a venerable flagship of the LINDEMANN HOTELS®.

Makeover CALMA Berlin Mitte

But CALMA Berlin Mitte was also able to decorate itself with a makeover. The lobby and breakfast area got a new design and a fresh pink was added to the rooms in a gray and white scheme with cheeky decorative elements. A product with its own charm was created that was suitable for Berlin-Mitte and above all for the corporate spirit and was completed by a terrace with furniture made from Euro pallets with comfortable cushions in the courtyard.


Makeover fjord hotel berlin

After the fjord hotel berlin was refreshed in 2017 with a makeover with blue accents, new images and elements, the hallways were renovated in 2018. The breakfast area has been completely redesigned and the lobby has been given a completely new room concept. More open, lighter, woody …

Makeover Anna 1908

And last but not least, it should 2018 also in the Anna 1908 After all, after 2 years of experience with the hotel, we were able to draw on these values and optimized furnishing elements in the rooms and added minibars to the equipment, we improved the lighting concept and made our hotel even more homely;


Conversion of Bude54

So Berlin was up to date again, the LINDEMANN HOTELS® had all been renovated and had a new style. So in July 2019 there was time for our hotel on the North Sea coast. The Bude54 should be embellished! The color concept has been completely revised, and colorful has been transformed into an ideally complementary combination of blue and mustard yellow in conjunction with warm wood tones and typical Nordic decorative elements such as ropes, roots and matching images. The lobby has become more homely and practicable and the rooms have been prepared based on the wishes of our guests. The makeover was a complete success here too and all the ideas that Lars and Uwe originally had in their heads had become reality.


New Office

Of course, 5 hotels and more than 50 colleagues at LINDEMANN HOTELS are a great success. A lot has happened since 1993 and there will be a lot more in the future. And in order to be able to realize these projects, it is advisable to invest in the future now. And so it came about that the office team had to move in December 2019. The previously used office in the inner courtyard of CALMA Berlin Mitte became too small and larger rooms were needed for more development and creative development. The administration including the departments Team & Culture (HR), Online Marketing & Sales and the central reservation moved into their new office in Berlin-Schöneberg with wonderful industrial charm and lots of space for new ideas, creativity and future colleagues!


New fjord hotel berlin

After the Bude54 on the North Sea had been spruced up, it was time for the complete renovation of the fjord hotel berlin. The previous embellishments of 2017 and 2018 were just the beginning back then. In January 2020, the renovation began in the lobby and breakfast room, a completely new color concept and a new room layout make the house completely different. The bar gave way to the buffet and thus more space was created for breakfast guests. In beautiful agave green and warm wood tones, a completely new design moved into the fjord hotel berlin. By June 2020, the complete renovation of all rooms was completed and the modernization of the oldest hotel in the LINDEMANN HOTELS® family was completed.


New chapter with AURELIUS

2023 marked a milestone in the history of LINDEMANN HOTELS when we became part of AURELIUS Wachstumskapital in October. This significant development marked the start of our nationwide expansion and the search for new, unique properties to add to our portfolio. Joining the AURELIUS family opened up new horizons and opportunities to establish LINDEMANN HOTELS beyond the borders of Berlin. We look forward to an exciting future.