Where can I park


We´ll get new neighbours!

What does that mean for you and your stay at LINDEMANN’S?

Primarily, it means that we currently have very few parking spaces available. A new residential building is being built on the neighbouring property, which is why we will demonstrate our flexibility. Because the transformation next door also changes a large part of the yard we use, so that we can only offer a few parking spaces in the period of the construction.

Book your parking space exclusively with us!

Only here on our homepage and in direct contact with our team of the central reservation these parking lots are bookable. Just reserve your parking space directly when you book online or contact us for your reservation request by phone or in writing.

Since, as mentioned above, we currently have only a few parking spaces in relation to our number of rooms, these are not offered through other portals but exclusively through the LINDEMANN HOTELS® and the following applies: first come, first served!

So also means that if at your arrival still (or meanwhile again) a parking space should be free, you can of course also book locally. Just ask at check-in our Front Office team if parking is available.

However, we wouldn´t be us

if we won´t help you finding a parking space anyway. So, don´t worry!

In the surrounding area there are enough side streets where you can park your car. We have a map for you that will give you an overview of the area around the LINDEMANN’S and show where you can park. Luckily, there is nearly no parking space management around our hotel, so you almost don’t have to buy a parking ticket.

Parking around LINDEMANN’S