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Parking at LINDEMANN'S

The LINDEMANN’S in Berlin-Schöneberg is in the middle of Berlin, in the middle of the action and therefore also in the middle of the city. As most of you will immediately understand, there is very little parking space here. Parking management regulates the parking situation and enables residents to park their car close to where they live, but unfortunately that means for everyone else that the already few available parking spaces are becoming even fewer.

Fortunately, we have a small number of hotel parking spaces on our yard.

We show you here where you can park if you don’t want to book a parking space with us directly in the yard or if our parking spaces are already fully booked.

However, we wouldn't be us

if we weren’t going to help you find a parking space. So, don´t worry!

You do not have to worry. There are enough side streets in the area where you can park your car. We have a map for you here, with which you can get an overview of the surroundings of LINDEMANN’S and see where you can park your car.

For the sake of simplicity: Everything in the direction of Potsdamer Platz is a parking zone where you have to buy a parking ticket (areas marked in red). There is no parking zone south of LINDEMANN’S, so you can park there free of charge (green marked area).

Parking around the LINDEMANN’S

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