We Love Breakfast!

so yummy

Due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) we are currently unable to offer our usual breakfast buffet. However, you can get your “breakfast to go” including tea or coffee for only 9.00€. Just choose your breakfast for the next morning the night before.

Of course, all hygiene regulations are observed to ensure your and our health.

What do we offer for breakfast?

1 croissant and 1 sandwich (light or multigrain?)
Bread rolls topped with turkey, cheese, salami or brie

Which fruit do you like?
Choose from pear, apple or banana

What else do you fancy?
Yogurt with fruit or
Overnight oats with grated apple & pear & walnuts or
Quark-based chia pudding with fruit topping or
Rice pudding with cinnamon & sugar

Aromatic filter coffee or tea?
Choose your type of tea: black, mint, fruit or green

first things first

The ideal combination of bed & breakfast!

You can only get the cheaper breakfast price here! Enjoy the complete buffet with all the trimmings. Save only on the price and not on the breakfast!

With this offer you save 3.00€ of the breakfast price that you pay in the hotel if you spontaneously decide on the spot. The reduced price is already included in the total price.

Mmmh, yummy!

Always fresh, thanks to small plates that are constantly refilled.
Homemade, because we put a lot of heart in our own creations.
Balanced, because we can enjoy both feasting and healthy breakfast.
Varied, because we do not put the same every day on the buffet, so it remains interesting even for regulars.

Which is your hotel?