Every year when it comes to New Year´s Eve you think: “Weeeeeeeeell, for my New Year’s Eve planning I still have a lot of time!” And before you can say knife, the turn of the year is just around the corner and you have still nothing organized yet? Well, we are working together this year.

CALMA Berlin Mitte CALMA L der LINDEMANN HOTELS®So, now you´ve got navigation. Just the What? How? and Where is unplanned. But no problem, we will help you with that, too.

As you know, in Berlin there are several hotels and it is not easy to keep an overview. We at LINDEMANN HOTELS® have four hotels in our hometown and that´s why we arranged a perfect New Year’s Eve package for you at our CALMA Berlin Mitte. More central you cannot celebrate New Year’s Eve.
Our hotel is located right in the centre of Berlin and offers you and your better half or your party companion an ideal starting point to enjoy the turn of the year to the fullest. Grab the Prosecco which is included in the package as well as the lovingly homemade sandwich and off you go out on the town.

In Berlin the New Year’s Eve does not begin at 31.12.2017. At the Brandenburg Gate, the annual recurring and world-famous spectacle takes place and will start already on Saturday, 30.12.2017 around 2 pm. So you can make a detour and watch the program with different bands. The palooza then really starts on Sunday at 7 pm with the preliminary program. Different bands and DJs are going to fire up you and your company and you can warm up your feet by dancing. The 2-kilometer-long party mile between Brandenburg Gate and Victory Column will once again impress with breathtaking fireworks above our beloved Quadriga and also the galaxy of stars on the stage will sweeten the evening.

Prefer rather a cosy New Year’s Eve 2017?

Feuerwerk an Silvester über der Oberbaumbrücke BerlinDo you fancy to party, crowds and standing in the cold for hours? No?  Then maybe a relaxed New Year’s Eve is the best for you. Check out Oranienburger Strasse for a suitable restaurant or ask our team from CALMA Berlin Mitte. They have some great insider tips for you. So if you don´t want to look by yourself, then go to the reception and ask our staff. However, if you got already tickets for one of the countless New Year’s Eve parties, then there will be probably offered a buffet or a gala dinner. However, our New Year’s Eve package is fortunately for 3 nights and therefore you have enough time on one of the other evenings to use the insider tips.

So if you don´t see yourself as one of the one million visitors at the Brandenburg Gate, but you don´t want to miss the most spectacular fireworks in Berlin, just take a look at one of the nearly 1.000 bridges. From the Moltke Bridge in Berlin Tiergarten you have a magnificent view of the fireworks at the Brandenburg Gate and also from the most beautiful bridge of Berlin, the Oberbaum Bridge between the districts Berlin Friedrichshain and Berlin Kreuzberg, the fireworks over the Spree will be simply beautiful. This is one of these moments when, you will fall in love with our Berlin. Promised!

The countdown for New Year’s Eve 2017 is running

Moreover, what happens after regarding the fireworks, toasting with your beloved ones and celebrating yourselves and your life? Right! You are ready discovering Berlin!
As our CALMA Berlin Mitte is so centrally located, you are quickly back in your room and can peel yourself out of the warm clothes and get dressed up with your party and dance outfit or warm up your feet for a while until you join the trendy clubs of the city. Our team at the reception is also your best point of contact when it comes to the coolest clubs in the city.

Freunde beim Anstoßen mit Sekt in Berlin LINDEMANN HOTELS®Of course, you can keep your Prosecco and the delicious sandwiches for after the fireworks and make it yourself comfortable with your companion in your room. Let the evening end completely relaxed or dance into the early morning hours. In Berlin, everything is imaginable and our CALMA Berlin Mitte makes it possible! To all those who have made it an all-nighter or have celebrated the turn of the year excessively, the perfect hangover breakfast with rollmop and everything your heart desires is waiting for you.

So, the countdown is running. The What? How? and Where? is also clarified, then your New Year’s Eve in Berlin can come!

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