The Humboldt University…

…is one of four universities in the capital and was founded in 1809 by Wilhelm von Humboldt, who lent his name to this university. This makes it the oldest university of Berlin. In total, there are more than 33.500 students enrolled at Humboldt University of Berlin and for about two years, the university has the title Elite University.

Its nine faculties are spread over three campuses. The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and its Institutes are located on Campus Adlershof (Adlershof is a southern district of Berlin). Charité, the Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture and the Institute of Biology as well as the Asian and African Studies form the Campus Nord (the Northern Campus). The oldest, and in my opinion, the most beautiful of the three campuses, is the Campus Mitte, where the Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Economic Sciences and their Institutes are located. There, between Französischer Dom (the French Cathedral), Lustgarten, Bebelplatz, Brandenburg Gate, Hackescher Markt and other attractions, it makes a lot of fun to study in a magical setting. I know what I’m talking about, because my institute was located there as well and it was really nice to walk in golden autumn sun along the Friedrichstraße, past Friedrichstadt-Palast and various restaurants and bars or to stroll along the famous boulevard Unter den Linden and to become a part of the colourful hustle and bustle of the city.

Your hotel for your Berlin stay

Frühstück im Calma Berlin Mittemit getrockneten Früchten

If you teach at the Humboldt University of Berlin or you have other obligations, the hotel CALMA Berlin Mitte is ideally located. In only 10 minutes on foot, you are at Campus Nord and Campus Mitte so you can easily start the day!

On your way back to the hotel, you should keep your eyes open. Because the density of treasures and attractions is high around the Humboldt University of Berlin and you want but do not miss anything, right?

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