The busy Innsbrucker Platz…

…in Berlin has its advantages and disadvantages. But fortunately, our hotels enjoy only its advantages!
If you are guests of the hotel LINDEMANN’S or fjord hotel berlin, of course you get nothing from the hustle and bustle at the Innsbrucker Platz. That place is as close as necessary and as far away as possible. We keep proper distance, if you know what I mean.
The Innsbrucker Platz in Berlin Schöneberg is in fact an extremely important and highly frequented traffic junction, which is an integral part of Berlin.

Perfect connection to our hotels

Funkturm Berlin Bei Nacht

Here, underground, S-Bahn, buses, cars, cyclists and pedestrians come together at one point. Everyone has a different destination and joins the colourful traffic waltz, which is danced on the place. There is really a lot going on.

The place is optimally connected to the network of public transport. Several busses stop here and take you e.g. quickly to the pulsating Potsdamer Platz or to Steglitz for shopping and especially directly to our hotels.

If you are in Berlin by car, you will probably take our urban motorway. The Innsbrucker Platz is placed at the same-named slip road. From there, the branched off Hauptstraße takes you directly to us. The urban motorway is about 10 minutes from the hotel, and brings you quickly and easily to the airport, to the zoo or to the exhibition centre. The Innsbrucker Platz offers you an optimal connection and you have free choice.

The connection to the underground line 4 connects the Innsbrucker Platz with Winterfeldtplatz and Nollendorfplatz. Both are close to the hotel LINDEMANN’S. Have you ever been at the weekly market at Winterfeldtplatz? You should not miss that! Every Wednesday and Saturday, you find there everything your heart desires. Moreover, a visit of Nollendorfplatz with its restaurants and bars may not be absent at your to-do list! So what are you waiting for?

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Regenbogenflagge aus Pins Berlin
Kreuzung Berlin U2 Eberswalder Straße bei Nacht

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