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As you know, the Jewish history is worth to be told and you should plan to visit this museum on your berlin trip. The Jewish Museum represents two millennia of German-Jewish history and it conveys this by adressing all your senses.

beeindruckende Architektur Judisches Museum BerlinIn the zigzag-shaped new building, you are led through the Museum in a special way. At the entrance is a slate staircase. It leads to the basement, where the exhibition begins. The path system consists of three axes thet show you three different ways of Jewish history.

3 historical axes

The first axis is the Axis of Emigration and leads outside to daylight into the Garden of Exile. On your way there, the walls are slightly slanted and the floor is uneven and ascends gradually. Therefore, from the beginning, you get a feeling of trepidation. Moreover, the garden is not a garden as you usually know, because concrete walls surround it and it consists of 49 six metres high concrete stelae. In addition, the squared plot on which they stand is also slanted and when you go through there, you are disorientated and you will have a feeling of what it means to be in exile.

The second axis is the Axis of the Holocaust and it is a dead end. It becomes narrower and darker and ends at the Holocaust Tower. This commemorative tower is cold, high and dark and gives you a feeling that I cannot describe.

But there is the third axis, the Axis of Continuity. It is connected to the other two axes and is a symbol that everything can be overcome.

From the basement, you follow then by stairs to the second floor, where the exhibition continues and it leads you systematically and chronologically through two millennia of German-Jewish history.

A visit to the Jewish Museum Berlin is not easy to digest, but worth seeing. The entrance fee is only 8€ and the museum is open until 8 pm. However, you should arrange enough time for the security check at the entrance. From our four hotels, the LINDEMANN’S, the fjord hotel berlin, the CALMA Berlin Mitte and the Anna 1908 you can get to the museum by underground or S-Bahn without changing.

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