Lena Siebrasse Fotografie

The woman with an eye for detail

Interview with: Lena Siebrasse

published 30. November 2016

When it comes to putting our hotels, rooms, terraces, breakfast buffets, colleagues or corporate events in the limelight, we cannot think of anyone better than Lena Siebrasse.

Meanwhile, she is a good friend of ours and thus working together with her is always more of a friendly meeting, in which beautiful photos result as if by magic. Lena simply has the eye for detail and conveys in her photos exactly what we have in our minds.

And that’s why, thanks to her great work, we can design this homepage as we do and proudly show our LINDEMANN HOTELS® the way we see it. With her photos, she contributes significantly to the feeling of well-being on our homepage and through them, we manage to represent the character of our houses for you really beautiful.

More about Lena, our cooperation and what constitutes for her the “finally at home” feeling, Lena reveals in a short interview.

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Hi Lena, you have just been to Anna in 1908 and have photographed our breakfast buffet. Have you imagined such motives as you have decided to become self-employed?

I made the decision to become self-employed when I wanted to develop my career a few years ago. Of all the job offers in Berlin, it seemed to me that no permanent job was exciting enough.

The following step into self-employment and the jump in at the deep end was one of the best decisions in my professional career, which finally led me to you and in the end to the beautiful new breakfast room of the Anna 1908.

In my opinion, the most positive and interesting thing about being a freelancer as a photographer is the variety and the ever-changing challenges, which inevitably results from every single job. So why not show off laughing eggheads properly?

Do you still remember which photo you shot for us first?

Hm, that was years ago, unfortunately I forgot that. But it will probably have been in the lobby of LINDEMANN’S.

What is important to you in your work?

I like it when it’s straightforward. From scheduling to joint briefing to on-site work, I always want to communicate and act fairly and on an equal footing. I expect the same from the clients.

In addition, of course, interesting locations and designs motivate me. You guys for example, are able to make each of your houses fundamentally different while still staying true to your unique LINDEMANN HOTELS® -style.

You know all our rooms, because you photographed them. From your point of view: Which furnishing detail makes up our style in the Anna 1908?

The “Old and Beautiful rethought” is the Anna 1908-style for me.

After founding my own business, I planned to focus on interior shots in the long term. For that kind of job specialisation, it is important to create an atmosphere with light, perspective and a little magic. If that comes together, a pale room gets a sense of comfort and, at best, a little intimacy.

The more attention to detail was spend on furnishing a room, the easier this atmosphere can be transported into the taken pictures.

Lena Siebrasse




About the photography you have met us, right?

The contact with the team of LINDEMANN HOTELS® was created by the obligatory phase of “cold calling”. I wanted to do more interior shots anyway and thus I had to collect correspondingly references. And thanks to your openness, I now turn up here in your blog, years later.

Our motto is “finally home”. How can you implement that on images? And what does that mean to you personally?

Everyone knows that. A look, a moment, a developing feeling… If that succeeds, then the emotionally perfect picture has been created. The moment of feeling, of desire, of familiarity… “finally home”.

That’s my claim!

Lena Siebrasse

Event Photography

I love situations, moments and details -tangible and invisible -… and I love the power of expression that art and photography possess and share with others.


Thank you Lena, that you share your art and your pictures with us. We look forward to many more joint projects.