The Linienstrasse…

….is a 2 km long arced road that runs parallel to Torstrasse. Since 2008 it is a bicycle street which, of course, has a positive effect on the ambient noise, which is important for the guest of our nearby Hotel CALMA Berlin Mitte. That means, you can sleep with open windows even in the rooms to the street side.

Frühstücksbuffet Calma Berlin Mitte

Our hotel is placed at the upper end of the Linienstrasse, where it starts at the Oranienburger Strasse. So you are fast right in the colourful and lively trendy neighbourhood. Even the golden dome of the Neuen Synagoge you cannot overlook. The dome you can even visit and get a great view over Berlin.

Not to forget the bars and restaurants that invite you to spend the night there.

But also the way to Museum Island via Hackescher Markt is not far from Linienstrasse. In about 15 minutes on foot you are there. If you go the other direction, towards Friedrichstrasse, then you can easily reach the Museum of Natural Science (in German Naturkundemuseum).

From our hotel CALMA Berlin Mitte and the Linienstrasse you have the perfect starting point to get to know Berlin from all sides. And when you return to the hotel afterwards, expect a cozy atmosphere and a quiet atmosphere. Sounds attractive, does not it?

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Am Karlsbad

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