Have you ever seen a dinosaur in life size? No? Then you must necessarily enter the Museum für Naturkunde (Museum of Natural Sciences). There you can marvel at the world’s largest skeleton of a dinosaur. With its stately size of more than 13 metres, the Brachiosaurus is the ultimate eye-catcher in the covered atrium of the Museum für Naturkunde. However, it is not alone there, because six more skeletons of other dinosaurs surround it. That’s a must see!

Frühstücksbuffet Calma Berlin MitteFrom hotel CALMA Berlin Mitte, the museum is only one underground stop away and if you want to walk, you can reach it in less than 10 minutes. The main attraction is right around the corner!

Nevertheless, …

…the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin offers you more than life-size dinosaurs! About 30 million objects in the scientific collection were gathered since opening in 1810 and are exhibited in the impressive building in the Invalidenstraße. For example, there is a huge wall, the wall of Biological Diversity, on which 3000 different species of the animal kingdom are exhibited. Only when you stand in front of it, you know what huge means! Also 90% of all bird species you can find here as taxidermied preparations. More than in any other Museum für Naturkunde.

Are you also interested in the origin of the earth and the cosmos, the origin of continents and the evolution of life? Then you are right in the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin! Only for 8,- € you get all this and much more. Because the museum also includes the Institute of Mineralogy, Palaeontology and Zoology, as well as the world’s oldest and largest Animal Sound Archive.

Based on impressive and in part really rare and valuable objects, Germany’s largest Museum für Naturkunde presents the evolution of life and the diversity and beauty of our wonderful and unique nature! That you should definitely not miss out!

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Bode Museum
Altes Museum im Lustgarten Berlin
Altes Museum

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