Peek & Cloppenburg…

…can look back on a more than 100-year history. In 1901, the first house of Peek & Cloppenburg in Berlin opened and it is still there. At the same time, another shop was established in Düsseldorf. Since that time is there, beside Hamburg, the headquarters of the group.

Peek & Cloppenburg in Berlin Steglitz

In Berlin, the flagship store of Peek & Cloppenburg is in the Tauentzienstraße. Certainly, you have already seen the remarkable glass facade of this building while you were strolling along the Ku´damm and Tauentzien.
However, some other branches are also impressive. Because of its special architecture and its glass and futuristic buildings, Peek & Cloppenburg convinces even shopping-sourpusses to look inside the stores.

The Peek & Cloppenburg store in the Schloßstraße in Berlin Steglitz is a more plain building. But inside, fashionable highlights and standardly high-quality fashion awaits you.
As one would expect of Peek & Cloppenburg, you will find here beautiful clothes and trendy accessories for all occasions.

If four shopping centres and countless shops, as for example Peek & Cloppenburg, in Schloßstraße should not be enough for you, then you can go 6 stops to the Potsdamer Platz with the S1 from the nearby train station Feuerbachstraße. There you can shop to your heart´s content or simply saunter through the pulsating centre of Berlin.

Then back to the hotel it goes as simply and fast, because our Anna 1908 is only a few minutes away from the station and from Schloßstraße.

The best bet is coming soon to Berlin to our Anna 1908 and see for yourselves!


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Kurfürstendamm Berlin
Potsdamer Platz

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