Do you feel like going on a shopping trip in Berlin? The Schloßstraße is considered one of the most attractive shopping miles of Berlin and offers to you Primark, shopping centres and much more!

Do you need new clothes but you are not in the mood for the stores in your town? Then join shopping with a city trip and check out our wonderful capital city Berlin. Because Berlin is super for going shopping, regardless of whether you rather go shopping in the pedestrian zone or rather prefer looking for new favourite pieces in one of the countless and huge malls. For shopping, Berlin is simply the best! For example, you will find everything your heart desires in the Schloßstraße in Berlin-Steglitz.

The Forum Steglitz

Our hotel Anna 1908 is located not far from the Forum Steglitz (name of a shopping mall). But don´t worry! Our hotel is located in a quiet side street and therefore it offers the best conditions to unwind and recover while you stay with us in Berlin.
In Forum Steglitz, the Berliners go shopping since 1970, because there exists everything under one umbrella. It is just nice that you can find here everything you need, so you can shop relaxed and extensive, regardless of whether it is raining outside like the world ends or the weather is so hot that you would be all right with any air conditioning.

Schloss Straße Center BerlinSince 2007, the Schloss-Straßen-Center (name of a mall) is next door and expands the shopping facilities many times over.
In Schloss-Straßen-Center, you can even browse for bargains in Primark. Because here is the first of two Primark stores in Berlin located. The incredibly successful fashion chain offers you standardly a wide range of fashion, cosmetics, shoes, accessories and home accessories and awaits you with irresistibly favourable prices as usual.

As a Primark-buying typically ends with several large paper bags with new, trendy favourite pieces, it is all the better that our hotel is just 200 metres from Primark Steglitz away. Just put your Primark bags in your hotel room and make a move to discover Berlin.

After shopping, you must be hungry and love to go out for a meal, right? Or are you still full of energy and do you want to dance the night away in a typical Berlin club?
Whatever you like, our dear colleagues at the front desk love to give you a tip for a perfect evening in Berlin.

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Potsdamer Platz

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