If the Reichstag…

…could talk, it would tell you many exciting and interesting stories. Since the Reichstag building was built in 1884, it has already witnessed a republic, a dictatorship and a democracy and also had to go through several renovations and reconstruction works, so that it is as gorgeous as it is now.
If you would like to learn more about it, just sign up for a guided tour. You can choose the right tour for you because there are different foci in the individual guided tours.

The dome

Berliner Reichstagskuppel bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®

You can watch the Reichstag both from the inside and from the top. A spiral ramp along the inside of the remarkable glass dome allows you to go up to the observation deck. From there you have a magnificent 360° panoramic view over Berlin and you will enjoy our beloved capital both by day and by night.
Even for this, you need to sign up yourselves with once again an opportunity to choose between the Reichstag dome tour or a combination of visiting the dome and the plenary chamber. Check THIS out to inform yourselves in advance.

However, apart from the rooftop terrace, the glass dome and the beautiful appearance should not be forgotten that in the first place the Reichstag is the seat of the German Bundestag where political debates and plenary sessions are held.

So if you fancy having a combination of Berlin from above, German history, international art, German plenary sessions and impressive architecture, go from our hotel to the Reichstag and visit it. Enjoy a great day in Berlin!

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