This former manor house…

…Schloss Britz in Berlin Neukölln is then as now an eye-catcher. The 1706-built mansion is set in a 300-year-old and 1.8-hectare park-like garden featuring old trees, winding paths, exotic potted plants and a pretty pavilion nowadays and is just as pretty to look at, as it was then

For only 3,00 Euro entrance, you can of course regard the manor from the inside. You get to see five different reconstructed rooms, all of which are still preserved in the historic style.

The beautiful Vestibule leads you directly into the Terrace Room. There you can admire an impressive grand piano as well as a set of walnut chairs. It continues then to the Hunting Room, which was once used as a dining room. The Boudoir follows this. This room is full of light, and adorned with bright colours and sweeping ornaments. This is in contrast to the adjoining room, the Study. It is equipped with heavy oak panelling and leather wallpapers. The last room you can watch is also the most magnificent the highest and the most beautiful room in the palace. The stucco on the ceiling and the prestigious portraits on the walls make this Banquet Hall something special.

Summer Opera

Mädchen im Park Berlin fängt Seifenblasen

Because Berlin gets always and everywhere art, culture and music connected with the sights of the city, the cultural highlight may of course not be absent here. Yearly, the Sommeroper Festival Schloss Britz takes place in Berlin Neukölln at the Schloss Britz. You can inform yourself about the current schedule here.

From the hotel LINDEMANN’S, you take the underground line U7 and after 35 minutes you arrive the Schloss Britz. And even from the Anna 1908 it is just 45 minutes by bus 181. That maybe sound like a long drive, but Berlin is just huge, so sometimes you need to accept a longer distance for getting a great experience, right?


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Siegessäule Berlin mit Goldelse bei Tag
Victory Column
Siegessäule Berlin Dämmerung
English Garden

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