The Schlossstrasse…

…in Berlin Steglitz is an active centre with restaurants, shopping malls, stores, theatres and a cinema. With its varied, sophisticated and numerous range of fashion stores, shoe stores, service companies, watchmakers and jewellery stores, the Schlossstrasse is the second most important shopping street of Berlin. Either you go into one of the four shopping centres or, you walk along the Schlossstrasse and browse in some stores. You will definitely take a new favourite of Berlin home. That is for sure!

Of course, you can also eat well and drink a cocktail at various bars. In the past, there was also the possibility to enjoy a glass of light beer high up in a 47 meters high bar called Bierpinsel. Unfortunately, there are currently inconsistencies, how and by whom the famous tower restaurant may be managed. However, in Schlossstrasse, the Bierpinsel is definitely an eye-catcher!

Bierpinsel in Berlin Steglitz bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®

Should you rather fancy a visit to the theatre? Then the little Schlosspark Theater in Berlin Steglitz is ideally suited for that. In 2008, Dieter Hallervorden undertook the theatre in the Schlossstrasse. Since then, big names such as Désirée Nick, Mariella Ahrens, Robert Atzorn and of course, Dieter Hallervorden himself, stage a wonderful straight theatre there. So if this appeals to you, then you can here checkout the schedule. Perhaps, you´ll find a play you like.
If not, you can also visit the traditional cinema at the northern end of Schlossstrasse and watch a film. The Titania-Palast was a cinema already before the Second World War and is it, in modern form, even today.

Lively neighborhood around Anna 1908

Our hotel offers an ideal starting point for your stay in Berlin and for an exploring tour in Schlossstrasse. The hotel Anna 1908 is located in a small side street and you can enjoy here the calmness, which you might need after an eventful day. Otherwise, you are really fast in Schlossstrasse to start shopping, having a snack or going to the cinema or theatre.

And because you can walk along the entire street well on foot, you are even more flexible in your planning. Nevertheless, you can also use the underground U9. Since the last three stations on line U9 run along the Schlossstrasse.

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