Berlin photos made by Berliners

Different, but Berlin!

In duet with CALMA Berlin Mitte.

The pink cheeky little Berlin miss twirls her mustache,
while you are enjoying a cappuccino in our café.
On your way past the Front Office, the city monkey poses with his crown.

Berlin street art, lovingly selected and integrated into our design concept.

Thank you stadt⋅land⋅foto!



All the great moments of your life and your holidays in Berlin did not really happen, if nobody took a picture of it. We love photography, we love Berlin and we love our CALMA Berlin Mitte. The atmosphere of Berlin- the glitter in the grey- you’ll have to see it yourself. Alexander Wynands from stadt⋅land⋅foto took pictures of this city-glitter and we put it on the walls of our lovely hotel.



Alexander explores our city with a view of the peculiarities and finds street art with character and personality that suits us and that we would like to share with our guests. He himself has built his centre of life in Berlin Land on the city boundary between forest and water. He particularly emphasises on individuality, comfort and a beautiful lifestyle. Crazy – just like us and that’s exactly how his pictures are. Therefore, there was nothing better than working with him and exhibiting some of his pictures with us.



An image cannot only involve the photographer and the viewer. Also our hotel, the place where the artwork is exhibited, forms the feeling for the picture and vice versa. Therefore, the art on our walls should create a sense of Berlin in the viewer. We wanted special pictures, which can only come from Berlin without, that a television tower or Brandenburg Gate can be seen. This special something have the pictures of stadt⋅land⋅foto.


buch findr


berliner landjungs fotografie

We gladly decided to work with Alexander. His pictures, his hobby, his creative view have everything that is important to our guests and the CALMA Berlin Mitte. His pictures are lovingly selected, authentic and sympathetic.

Thanks Alex!