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Internationale Grüne Woche in Berlin bei den
From 17.01.-26.01.2020… … the annual International Green Week takes place again and Berlin is again dominated by agriculture, nutrition and horticulture. The trade fair takes place on the Berlin Exhibition…

International Green Week

Messe Berlin
Since 1924 A lot of time has passed since the first IFA (IFA Berlin – Consumer Electronics Fair) in 1924 in Berlin. Previously, it was all about the presentation of…

IFA Berlin 2020

Messe Berlin Im Sonnenschein
The ICC Messe Berlin Some think the futuristic aesthetic of the building is awful, others think it is great. Therefore, it is up to yourself whether you think the nickname…

ICC Messe Berlin

Verkehrslichter bei Nacht in Berlin
The busy Innsbrucker Platz… …in Berlin has its advantages and disadvantages. But fortunately, our hotels enjoy only its advantages! If you are guests of the hotel LINDEMANN’S or fjord hotel berlin,…

Innsbrucker Platz