The Teufelsberg…

…in the Grunewald is actually a rubble mountain. The rubble from the destroyed Berlin after the Second World War was raised to the present Teufelsberg. In 1972 was then shaped a landscape of sand and topsoil and about one million trees were planted.

The access to the Teufelsberg is not permitted for safety reasons. Because on top of the Teufelsberg are the ruins of the Air Defense Identification Station and a listening post of the US Armed Forces. The listening post characterises the cityscape with its five radomes and is part and parcel of Berlin. After the Americans withdrew in 1991 from Berlin, the building was empty. Therefore, you can find there nowadays ruins, graffiti and much debris, dirt and unsecured buildings and platforms.

However, you can participate in guided tours and have a look around. It is not exactly without danger to participate in the guided tour, but as much more interesting and exciting. Here you can check if a tour comes into question for you.

The Acropolis of Athens, Sacré-Cœur over Paris, the Sugarloaf over Rio de Janeiro, the Teufelsberg over Berlin.

Teufelsberg Berlin mit Panoramagraffiti in KuppelMeanwhile, there is a tenant of the site on the Teufelsberg and we are curious to see if there will be soon a museum, event rooms, art galleries, a free climbing facility and a high ropes course. Let us wait and see.

In winter, in case of lots of snow in Berlin, you can also sledging or skiing on the Teufelsberg. Also for fans of cross-country skiing provides the Teufelsberg a great track in wonderful scenery.
In summer, the streets on the Teufelsberg are often used by longboarders and especially on the weekends, there is a lot going on.

Its amazing height of 120 metres enables a wonderful panoramic view over the Grunewald and Berlin. Just beautiful. Maybe you can see from up there our Anna 1908 or our fjord hotel berlin?

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