We love our job!

Whether we work directly at the guest, be it at the Front Office or in the Service, whether we communicate by telephone or in correspondence with business partners and guests (such as in the Central Reservation department),
whether we work in the background like our Housekeeping team and our Technicians do, or whether we work at the head office and ensure a fair pricing policy by our Revenue team, or whether we create an attractive website in our Online Marketing department, or whether we manage all internal company processes in the Administration.

Each of us has found her/his place here. It is not without reason that our average length of service is over 6 years, which is quite unusual in the hotel industry.

We are the team…

Not to forget our colleagues from the departments Team & Culture and our Hotel Operations Managers who take care of our well-being.

When we have questions, suggestions, criticism, problems or the desire for a career change, then we will always have somebody’s sympathetic ear.
We are all humans and have our highs and lows. And that is exactly what is right here at the LINDEMANN HOTELS®. It makes us feel good not to be alone, even if maybe there is something very wrong with it at the moment.

Each of us has our own personality, strengths and weaknesses. But that’s exactly how it should and may be. We complement each other as a team and stand by each other.
That may sound trite and phrasing, but it is true.

… and the team is us!

Each of us is awarded a high degree of trust. We work independently and are largely responsible for our shift, our hotel, our team and of course our guests.
That makes us self-confident and strengthens the trust in the team.

And because we are all heartfelt hosts and receive full support from our management, that’s why we like to work for the LINDEMANN HOTELS® and celebrate together in good times and stand for each other in not so good times.

Can you imagine being part of our team? Then take a look at our vacancies and apply directly to us!

Come As You Are!

We value everyone exactly as he or she is.
That means nobody has to be someone else. Thus, naturalness and honesty create a feel-good atmosphere in the team and with the guest.

approx. 6 years

average length of service

It is not uncommon to stay in the same hotel for only 1 or 2 years. We are proud that it is different with us!
This creates security in the team and in the company.

the team

creates the team

We belong to the team and the team is one of us. That is why we decide together with the company how to set up our team. So everyone can bring full power!


and benefits

Salary, with constant orientation on the market, as well as benefits in the form of small niceties à la sweet titbits, company parties, gifts for the anniversary and birthday … That’s what you get at LINDEMANN HOTELS®!


stay up to date

Constant technical innovations, such as new telephones, a new W-LAN system, automatic payment procedures at the front office … Working should be made as easy as possible for us, thanks to great technology!

This is us

Our values

our values
No. 1 b)

We have a friendly ear for each employee to be there when the shoe pinches. That´s what we strive for! Each of us can offload one´s worries. We show understanding and provide security and stability as far as we can.

No. 1 c)

Flat hierarchies, the form of communication in the informal “you” and always an open ear for our team allow honest and personal discussions.

No. 2

Together we support each other where necessary and get the freedom to realise us.

No. 4

Structure gives us a framework to which we can orient ourselves. This is how we work in a team by standards that make our job easier.

No. 6

Honesty, respect and loyalty are the building blocks on which we build our business on a personal level. Only in this way can we generate mutual success.

No. 7

Creativity and initiative combined with a passion for our job create new ideas and also create space for courageous decisions.

No. 9

Quality standards in the team and the entire company give transparency. Continuous adjustments, changes, technical innovations and personal enrichment are constantly optimizing and ensuring long-term success.

Our business partners

Berlin Gin, Berlin furniture, the “Berlin Style”. We rely on regionality from our suppliers.
In fair contracts, we agree long-term cooperations and say at this point:
Thank you for the great cooperation!
We guarantee permanent contacts and direct communication. In turn we receive high quality products and fast delivery.


For us, sustainability means above all long-term planning and the assumption of responsibility. In the areas of environment, employee management and project planning, we implement our understanding of quality.

We focus our quality management on increasing efficiency and effectiveness – which benefits the environment. Low power consumption e.g. through LED lighting and motion detectors in the corridors, waste management. Recycling and composting, as well as the active selling of public transport tickets are included.

Sustainable knowledge management is implemented by us through the understandable documentation of our standards. This serves the safe training and the conveyance of values to new colleagues. Above all, we are gradually implementing our standards, which results in satisfaction among guests, employees and business partners.

We ensure the continuous development of LINDEMANN HOTELS® by not putting ourselves under pressure and, in case of doubt, trusting our gut instincts. In all our decisions for new projects, we weigh the costs and benefits of long-term planning. This results in realistic targets and plausible budget planning, which includes regular and market-oriented investments.