The documentation centre Topographie des Terrors (Topography of Terror) is located on the former grounds of the most important centres of Nazi terror between 1933 and 1945. These institutions were the Gestapo (Secret State Police) with its own “house prison”, the leadership of the SS, the Security Service of the SS and the Reich Security Main Office. In some permanent exhibitions, special- and travelling exhibitions, the documentation centre shows you how the Nazi terror was planned, organized and implemented in Berlin and Germany. You can also participate in a guided tour of the Topographie des Terrors. The exhibitions as well as the guided tour are free. Every Sunday a guidance in which you can participate without advance reservation takes place at 3.30 p.m.

Frühstück im fjord hotel berlin der LINDEMANN HOTELS®The three permanent exhibitions are divided into different areas of the documentation centre. The permanent exhibition “Topography of Terror. Gestapo, SS and Reich Security Main Office on Wilhelm- and Prinz-Albrecht-Straße” is inside the building. The focus of this exhibition is on the central institutions of the SS and the police during the “Third Reich” and the crimes committed by them throughout Europe.

At the exhibition trench outside the building, you can see “Berlin 1933-1945. Between Propaganda and Terror”. Here, the National Socialist policy in Berlin and its consequences for the city and its population is shown.

The third permanent exhibition is a site tour in 15 stations. This tour gives you an overview of the history of the grounds, where were located the main headquarters of the Nazi persecution and terror.

Since it may happen that the visit of the documentation centre Topographie des Terrors will be thought-provoking for a longer time, you should do something “shallow” to let sink in the just seen. How would it be with an ice cream at the Potsdamer Platz or a visit of the Boulevard of Stars? Just lend bicycles at our hotel and explore the surrounding area by bike. You are therefore in a few minutes at the documentation centre Topographie des Terrors as well as the Potsdamer Platz or wherever you want to end up.

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Mädchen Mit Pusteblume Auf Wiese Sonnenuntergang Berlin
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedaechtniskirche in Berlin bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®

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