Torstrasse is not like other streets in Berlin. It is a street of extremes and architectural contrasts. There you´ll encounter luxury and shabby chic, listed buildings and typical GDR-prefabricated buildings, the road is inhabited by ur-Berliners and newcomers.

The Berliners say… is loud, grey, full and kind of ugly. But that should not deter you, quite the contrary!


The variety of colourful small shops far from mainstream and mass-produced attracts the people. You´ll find a plethora of bars and restaurants which could not be more different! There is either a French bistro or an ancient pub, where the walls tell stories. There is either a trendy bar or a completely styled design-café. And again and again you will find behind nondescript doors small trinkets, such as galleries, individual shops, design shops and boutiques. This mix of modern and urban chic is unique and stands out from the usual definition of the promenade from.

Frühstücksraum vom Calma Berlin MitteThe Torstrasse is not only famous for its clubs, bars, restaurants and galleries. It is also known for its #1. At the very beginning of the Torstrasse is the SOHO House. The private members´ club is well known in London, New York, Miami and Hollywood. Since 2010 there is the luxury also in Berlin. As a member all doors are open for wellness, fitness, bars, restaurants, cinema, hotel rooms, apartments and lofts. But probably the most impressive might be the roof pool, where you can see the entire city.

If you go the arcuate Torstrasse from SOHO House to Friedrichstrasse, you´ll walk down a boulevard of another kind. You will hardly meet tourists, but many Berliners. Thus, the Torstrasse is authentic and shows you a true piece of Berlin.

Parallel to Torstrasse runs the Linienstrasse. There, despite the proximity to the crowded Torstrasse, you´ll relax in our hotel CALMA Berlin Mitte and recharge you batteries. Because tomorrow is another day full of surprises waiting for you and also an exciting evening in Berlin.

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Wasserfall im Viktoriapark Berlin
Fassade vom Admiralspalast Berlin
Admiralspalast Berlin

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