The TV Tower…

…(Fernsehturm) at Alexanderplatz in the centre of our beloved city shapes Berlin´s silhouette. You definitely cannot overlook the 368-metre high tower with its significant sphere, which was placed at a height of 200 metres. No matter where you are in the city, you will see every now and then the red and white striped antenna and/or the silver sphere of the TV Tower.

The tower was put into operation in 1969 and since then Berliners and tourists can visit it. The high-speed elevators make ascend to the observation deck in 203 metres height in just 40 seconds. A bar invites you to linger, while you are enjoying the fantastic view, reaching up to 80 km on clear days.

A floor further on top in the TV Tower is the restaurant “Sphere” in 207 metres above the ground. You can enjoy international and Berlin cuisine at a window table whilst seeing a 360°-tour of Berlin. The special thing about the sphere of the TV Tower is in fact that it fully rotates once around itself within an hour. While you are enjoying your food, you are rotating and having a great view over whole Berlin. So if that is not super special, I don´t know!


Fernsehturm Berlin S Bahnhof AlexanderplatzActually, there is almost always a long queue in front of the TV Tower. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a ticket in advance online. You can then run past the waiting people and ride the lift to the panoramic floor.

There are different tickets: If you are an early riser, you should look closer to the Early Bird-ticket. This ticket gives you the permission to go directly upwards at the moment the TV Tower opens its doors.
If you have in mind to eat at the restaurant, you cannot be that spontaneous. It is most often fully booked for a long time ahead. So if you are planning your trip to Berlin and you already know you want to go to the restaurant, then book your ticket online well in advance. Look here, which ticket is the best for your visit.

Since our hotels are centrally located in Berlin, you can take the bus line M48 at the hotel Anna 1908, at the hotel LINDEMANN’S and at the fjord hotel berlin, which brings you directly to Alexanderplatz. From our hotel CALMA Berlin Mitte you take the tram M5 and are just as easily at the TV Tower in Berlin Mitte.

Enjoy the wonderful view and have a great day in Berlin! See you!

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