Attention, cycle lovers!

Since 2011, you have been able to attend the annual Velothon and show what’s in you. This year, 2019, the Velothon will not take place for the first time. This is more than a pity, because the Velothon was always a very special event for Berlin.

There were two different routes offered and you could decide for you which one is right for you.

Would you rather be the casual cyclist and would like to participate in the event in a very relaxed way or just simply challenge yourself? Then the 60-kilometer route would have been just right for you! The route is flat and would take you through our beautiful Berlin, past the greatest attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column (which is on the home stretch) or the Potsdamer Platz.

If you wanted to challenge yourself a bit more, then you should have taken the 100 kilometer route. This would have taken you through the center of Berlin, as well as in the outskirts and in the neighboring Brandenburg. Here you could have shown what you can do and measure yourself against time or your bike mates.

So you would have ridden both with the beginners and the professionals, had seen the exciting Berlin and the contemplative Brandenburg and could have sporty really auspowern.

Frühstücksbuffet Calma Berlin MitteSo far, the finish line has been duly celebrated by around 100,000 spectators and all participants even received a medal.

But even as a spectator you could enjoy the whole spectacle without shedding a drop of sweat. Use the subway or suburban train to get to the track as the roads are closed to private traffic. From our hotels you can easily get to the start and finish, for example. From the CALMA Berlin Mitte, you simply climb into one of the lines at the S-Bahn station and get off at the S Brandenburger Tor. It can be so easy 😉

Before a delicious breakfast complacent? Well then go! Delicious, lovingly homemade and regional products, coffee specialties and actually just about everything your heart desires. Then it’s much better to start the day and relax and watch the athletes sweat…


Läufer mit blauen Schuhen im Park Berlin
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