The Victory Column…

…(Siegessäule) is in the middle of the roundabout of the Großer Stern (a central place in the middle of the park Großer Tiergarten) and is not to be overlooked. With its 67 metres total height and its golden figure on the top, the Victory Column rises from the Tiergarten and shines in all directions.

The massive red granite pedestal is decorated with reliefs and it houses an exhibition on the won wars, which is why the Victory Column was built at that time. If you have reached the first stage of the Victory Column, you come to a circular portico. This is located on the pedestal and is decorated with a mosaic wall. I do recommend taking some time for regarding the beautiful and huge mosaics before you begin climbing up to the observation deck.


Tiergarten von oben von der Siegessäule in Berlin nahe der LINDEMANN HOTELS®In total, there are 285 spiral steps to the observation deck. However,..Even if it is quite tight at the end of the stairs and it tests a bit your physical fitness, this view is it worth to bear these small exertions. I guarantee! From up there you have not only a 360° panoramic view over Berlin. But you can also have a look at the golden figure of the Roman Goddess of Victory on top. Because of its bright and luminous golden appearance, we Berliners love to call our Victory Column “Goldelse” (means something like “Golden Lizzy”).

Also, you can check out whether you can spot one of our hotels from up there. For seeing the Potsdamer Platz, the 55 metres height are certainly high enough. But do you also discover the nearby fjord hotel berlin or the hotel LINDEMANN’S? Either way, it is from all of our 4 LINDEMANN HOTELS® no long way to this wonderful landmark of Berlin.

Once again, shows Berlin with the Victory Column its individuality and its multifacetedness! So off you go!

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Brandenburger Tor Berlin Bei Tag
Brandenburg Gate
Schloss Britz in Berlin bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®
Schloss Britz

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