What does a waterfall, vine stocks and a Gothic cathedral have in common? You can find it all in Viktoriapark in Berlin Kreuzberg. Now in autumn, a visit of this park is a must!

The Viktoriapark in the trend area Berlin Kreuzberg is different from other parks and just so special. Because where else you can find a 24 metres high waterfall in the middle of a park? On the northern slope of the Kreuzberg, this waterfall was artificially created and looks almost exactly like a waterfall in the mountains. With a bridge, you can even go over the waterfall to experience a special moment.

Below the mountain slope, there are the only vine stocks of Berlin. Here, about 200 bottles of white wine per year are produced. Unfortunately, you cannot buy the Kreuzberger Wine, but it is another special feature of the Viktoriapark.

There is a memorial on top of the Kreuzberg, which looks like the tower of a Gothic cathedral. This memorial commemorates the Napoleonic Wars of Liberation and is also name giver for the Kreuzberg. Because if you stand at the foot of the hill you see the cross, that is on top of the memorial. Thus, the Kreuzberg got its name.

Diverse Viktoriapark

Fußgänger im Park in Berlin bei SonnenuntergagOf course, the Viktoriapark is also just an ordinary park with many trees, expansive lawns, large playgrounds and a sports field. Moreover, there is a beer garden with a sun terrace, which is open from spring to autumn and on weekends a good place for dancing.

Now in autumn it is especially nice to stroll through the meadows and walk through the coloured and rustling leaves.
Come to Berlin, enjoy with us the wonderful autumn and catch the last warm sunrays in Viktoriapark. From our LINDEMANN HOTELS® you are in a few minutes in Viktoriapark for a relaxed autumn walk to take a break from everyday life.

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