You wanna watch Netflix with your account in our hotel?

No problem! Who doesn’t know it or hasn’t heard of it before… Netflix! To put it a bit exaggerated, the most of us cannot imagine their lifes without the probably most popular streaming provider in Germany anymore. Far too exciting are all the series such as Orange Is The New Black, Suits, Prison Break, 13 Reasons Why, Narcos, Breaking Bad or Bates Motel. Most of us have been awake half the night, because “one episode is still possible” but “that is really the last for today!!!”. Yes … Who knows that, too?


Netflix im Hotel nutzen bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS® in BerlinNetflix isn’t so popular for nothing and offers just the right series or film for every preference or mood.
And we want true to our motto “finally home” that you just feel at home with us and therefore you can of course easily use your Netflix account in all our 4 Berlin LINDEMANN HOTELS® and that via our secure in-house WiFi. Our WiFi is very secure, because you as guest surf with your device isolated from other guests in the WiFi network. Thus, any infected devices of other guests may not harm your device. You are also automatically protected against Trojan horses, viruses and malware because our firewall is especially good.


Our WiFi is not only secure, but also fast. Thus, nothing gets in the way of a perfect reception and you can also pursue your passion during your stay in Berlin and watch with your Netflix account your series in our hotel. Read more about our secure WiFi here

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