We love WiFi!

secure surfing at the LINDEMANN HOTELS®

Safety is the essential thing for us

That’s why we at the LINDEMANN HOTELS® do it either completely or not at all. Therefore, we have chosen a WiFi system provider that protects you and us from everything bad. And what is this knight in shining armour doing? Very simple!

Isolation of users

Our WiFi system isolates every single user. This means that neither other hotel guests nor we can access your device and your data and of course vice versa. Certainly, that also means that infected devices cannot do any harm to your device. The system automatically protects connected devices against viruses, Trojan horses or malware.

Firewall & IP address

But our knight in shining armour can do even more!
Since the traffic is tunnelled through a VPN server, your IP address and thus your identity is not visible to the outside. Plus, there is the integrated firewall that protects you and us against malware and hackers. Regular updates ensure that you are protected on a daily basis from botnets, SPAM abuse and targeted network attacks when using our guest WiFi.