We not only love our 4 individual hotels, our colourful team with the typical cheeky Berliners-style and our job, but so much more!
And that’s exactly what we want to share with you here!


regional & homemade
smiling eggs are waiting for you
cheaper price on our website

Are you a breakfaster? Aren´t you able to do anything in the morning  before you drank your first cup of coffee?
Are you a gourmet who starts out big in the morning or rather a puristic breakfaster?

No matter if sweet or hearty, crunchy or soft, hot or cold, cereals or croissant, bread or buns, yogurt or curd… We could go on with this forever. Because there is something for everyone and you can be convinced of our mostly homemade specialties, quality products from the region and our smiling eggs!

You start the day right with our breakfast! Moreover, our coffee is really good, so what about a coffee for takeaway before you leave our hotel in the morning?


isolation of each user
watch Netflix in your room
free wifi in all hotels

Nothing works without WiFi today!

And since you should feel “finally home” with us, we would like to provide you with the best possible and securest WLAN – of course free of charge!
You can even binge watch your favourite series with your Netflix account in your room, you don´t have to do without anything!

We have chosen a WiFi system provider who specialises in the hotel industry and we benefit from this together, you and us!
All users in the WiFi are isolated from each other. Other possibly infected devices can do no harm to you. Plus, there’s also a very good firewall!

Balcony & Terrace

balcony at Anna 1908
terrace at LINDEMANN’S
roof terrace at fjord hotel berlin
balcony at Anna 1908
terrace at LINDEMANN’S
roof terrace at fjord hotel berlin

We love the hustle and bustle of Berlin but we also love the Berlin cosiness.
Is there something like that there? Yes of course!

From our balconies and terraces, you can watch Berlin, as it gets quieter in the evening and the city shifts down a gear or two. You can relax with a glass of wine or a warm cup of tea and finish the day, or of course start the day in the morning with the warm morning sun.

Enjoy the freedom to decide if you just want to relax in the room of your day in Berlin or if you want to recharge your batteries on our balconies and terraces.

Business Partner

360 degree view
wall pictures

We love beautiful photos and meaningful pictures.

That is why we work together with the best business partners we can use to implement our ideas exactly.

With her attention to detail, Lena Siebrasse creates realistic and perspectively perfectly staged photos of our hotels, breakfast and, of course, our staff for our homepage.
Niko Mahler from Fotorama makes our rooms and hotels alive with 360-degree view pictures.
And the berliner landjungs not only make unique furniture and rustic but detail-loving decoration, they also make extravagant and as we find very cool pictures as stadt land foto, which are ideal for our rooms and corridors.