Do you like to regard the “stars of Berlin”? Do you want an astronomical day in our capital? So hit the road from the hotel to the Wilhelm-Foerster-Observatory!

In Berlin, there is the Europe’s only combination of observatory and planetarium. Here in Berlin Schöneberg, you will find the Planetarium at the foot of the Insulaner, a rubble mountain, and on the top of the hill the Wilhelm-Foerster-Observatory. You can combine both or visit individually. Of course, you can only look at the sky in clear weather, but even in bad weather, a visit to the Wilhelm-Foerster-Observatory is worthwhile. You can join a guided tour through the observatory and the technical equipment of the observatory will be showed and explained to you. If you are looking through one of the telescopes by yourselves, you can watch the sky above Berlin, millions of light years distant galaxies and planets of our solar system and you will go on an extraterrestrial journey.

In the planetarium, you can embark on a journey into the universe regardless of the weather. Because here in the dome of the planetarium, you can watch the artificial starry sky or come to an event in the planetarium.

Family friendly

Familie im Park in Berlin bei den LINDEMANN HOTELS®

Especially for children there are some programs, such as “Peterchens Mondfahrt”, as well as cultural programs with classical and pop music are offered. Moreover, radio play evenings with the motto “radio play under the starry sky” take place in the spring and autumn regularly.

So, if you are in Berlin and want to do something different from the standard sightseeing programme, then you should check the Wilhelm-Foerster-Observatory and the Planetarium at the Insulaner. The connection to public transport is advantageous and from the Hotel Anna 1908 you could even walk to.

So who wants to discover the “stars of Berlin”?


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Freie Universität Berlin – Latin America Institute

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