The Yorckstraße…

starts in Berlin Kreuzberg at the junction Mehringdamm/Gneisenaustraße and merges into Goebenstraße near the Yorck bridges. The Yorckstraße by itself is not that spectacular. To be honest, for the Berliners it is more probably a love-hate to this street. Why? Well, the high volume of traffic and the concomitant noise level bother the Berliners as well as the need of rehabilitation of the Yorck bridges that cross the Yorckstraße and that the reason why it is quite dark in the area around the station.

However, the station Yorckstraße is an all-rounder and that is why we love it! Here you can quasi find three stations in one. It includes two train stations and one underground station from which you can reach the hotspots of Berlin without problems.

From the hotel LINDEMANN’S you walk just 10 minutes and you are already at the station.
From here, you can take the S-Bahn to the Tempodrom at Anhalter Bahnhof, to Potsdamer Platz for shopping or to watch our landmark of the city -the Brandenburg Gate. Alternatively, you can ride to Friedrichstraße to watch a show at Friedrichstadt-Palast or to Oranienburger Straße where you can choose out of numerous cafes, restaurants and bars, which is the right for you, so you can enjoy the colourful and varied Berlin.

Going by underground, you are quickly at Adenauerplatz so you can stroll along the Kurfürstendamm or alternatively you ride to station Wilmersdorferstraße and go shopping in the pedestrian precinct! Therefore, you see, the station Yorckstraße helps you to go everywhere!

Authentic Berlin

Fernseher in der Lobby im LINDEMANN´S BerlinHowever, not only because of that we Berliners do love our Yorckstraße. Because like I said, it is a love-hate relationship. Especially we like to have our world famous Yorckschlösschen! At this pub several times a week a variety of artists play finest music from the music genres Swing, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Funk and New Orleans Jazz and fascinate Berlin music lovers with their skills. Time seems to have stood still in the 80s and that is a good thing! This is exactly the way the people like it here. This rustic character is unique and attracts musicians and bands from all over the world to come here to play in Yorckschlösschen. Tourists, quite the contrary, do not overrun you! In Yorckschlösschen in Yorckstraße, you really meet real Berliners. You will like it for sure!

A bit further, you will find then the Yorck Kino (a cinema). It is an institution in the Berlin cinematic industry and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful houses of Yorckstraße. With its blue velvet chairs, this cinema conveys a warm feeling in perfect cinema atmosphere far from the giant mainstream bunkers. Maybe there is a good movie on when you are in Berlin. So check it out!

It is then very easy to get back to the hotel. You ride the underground U7 from station Mehringdamm via U Yorckstraße and get off at U Kleistpark. From here, it is only a few metres on foot to the hotel.

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Kurfürstendamm Berlin

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